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We maximize growth, improve your profits or restructure your project

We are a group of professionals who believe in the usefulness of consulting for organizations that want to grow, be more efficient or restructure their business model. We have developed extensive work experience in areas such as finance, project and program management, operations or competitive strategy, working for companies and freelancers.

Improve Advisors was born with the idea of a legitimate consulting service from an approach of personalization, flexibility, and transparency. We consider ourselves advisors who put their knowledge at the service of companies to improve processes, promote growth, reduce costs or make a change in the way they do business.

The endless succession of management theories that promise to be the definitive solution to all the problems of the company has left a trail of disappointment has made us think of the search for essentials, apply techniques that we have tested in the daily life of our work, professional business models that resist the passage of time and have proved their usefulness in practice, without clinging to a particular theory for formal matters. We recover the essence to establish a model for the future.

Our training and learning in business administration allows us to offer advice in specific areas of knowledge with guarantee of quality and effectiveness.

Our amazing team

Jordi Canet

Jordi CanetTax Advisor

Bachelor in Economics from the University of Barcelona, I have more than 30 years of experience in tax advice for companies and individuals, both in their recurring tax obligations, and in the planning and analysis of special operations. I will be responsible for optimizing the taxation of your company and I will make sure that you fulfill all your obligations with the Administration.  

Àlvar Vilallonga

Àlvar VilallongaFinancial Advisor.

I studied International Trade and Business studies, later I specialized in finance with a Master in Financial Management by EAE and an MBA in ESADE. I have dedicated my professional experience to auditing, financial management and business consulting. I will take care of the necessary resources for your company and I will help you to manage the financial instruments more efficiently.

Arash Mashkoor

Arash MashkoorBusiness Consultant

I studied International Business. I´m a professional with 10+ years of experience with management, organization and planning in different departments; MKT & sales, Finance, Strategies, Acquisition and Laws, in different areas such as Real Estate, FMCG and Hospitality. I have founded my own company, this gives me the chance to learn more, and create new opportunities and a great experience transforming mistakes in successes. My purpose is to advise you and give you support to grow your company, making the best decisions to get the best results on investments.  

Margaryta Ievdokymova

Margaryta IevdokymovaBrand Image Consultant

I have 3 Master degrees in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces;  Marketing, Comunicacion and Start-ups; and MBA small&medium enterprise. My experience and passion extend to such fields as Interior & Fashion Design, Web & Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing. I will help you to improve your Brand Image and advice you on visual & functional aspects of your Marketing Strategy.  

Jaume Fonollà

Jaume FonollàAsset Manager

Experience in sales and business development.  


Our work method is based on collaboration, we can assist you as external consultants or as direct advisors to strengthen your company. The cyclical nature of our work makes intervention possible at any stage of your activity, it's never too late to help. Our methodology is clear, practical and focused on results. We analyze the initial situation, design an Action Plan in conjunction with the Management, and facilitate its implementation as an active part of this process.

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